Get your pregnancy glow back: my current face makeup heroes!

I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant, and to say my skin has taken a hormonal beating is an understatement. At one point in my pregnancy I had the best skin I’ve ever had, but that was quickly followed with hormonal acne, and is now combined with eye bags and a dull complexion from the lack of sleep at night (it is pretty hard to get comfortable when you have the human equivalent of a pumpkin stuck to the front of you..).

My first tip for getting back that 'glow' is to have a pregnancy facial. I put it off for ages, but if you find somewhere with organic products and people who know what they’re doing, it is so worth it. Aside from the hour of relaxation you get and the amazing sleep you’ll get that night (I actually got 7 hours as opposed to my usual 4-5 hours of broken sleep!), your skin will get back that glow you’ve been missing and that we hear so much about. The products will provide hydration, and the massage movements will work the products into your skin, as well as stimulating new cells to regenerate, and removing dead skin. It won’t magically clear up spots overnight, but a hydrated, glowing complexion is a great place to start.

I highly encourage you to go bare faced for as long as you can after a facial, but if like me you want to make the most of your rejuvenated face and head out to celebrate, these are my current favourite face makeup products for a glowy complexion, from my makeup icon Charlotte Tilbury. I often recommend her products as the quality is so high and long lasting, they are cruelty free, and many of them are also vegan. She has a fantastic range of skin tones in her foundations too, which is undeniably important.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

The great thing about this foundation is that you can apply as little or as much as you like and it is very buildable and versatile. I apply a light amount for day time, and layer it up a bit for evening if I want a higher coverage. It provides you with a glowy base without skin looking oily or shiney. Win win.

Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher

Eye bags? Spots? Redness? This little beauty covers all of the above, and is also conveniently handbag sized. Apply to under eyes and blemishes and blend in with your finger or a brush once you have applied your foundation.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder

This very fine, pressed power mattifies shiny areas without drying out your skin or making skin look dull. Apply to oil prone areas, such as your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and top up if needed throughout the day. It won't get 'cakey' either, so sweat away and simply dab on more as needed!

Charlotte Tilbury Blusher Pillow Talk

Blusher is often an underrated hero product in my eyes, and this particular pinky bronze tone works well to give you the illusion of a healthy colour in your cheeks without being too bright and pink. For a natural, healthy look, apply to the apples of your cheeks when smiling and blend outwards, just below your cheekbones. This is again buildable so you can add as little or as much colour as you fancy.

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