Why do you need a professional make up artist for your wedding?

Weddings are expensive, I've been there. When the bills are looming and you're adding it all up, you wonder, do I really need a Photo Booth? How vital is a wedding cake?!

But when it comes to hair and makeup, there are a lot of reasons why getting a professional's help is very worthwhile.

Photo by Kerry Ann Duffy - kerryannduffy.com, Makeup and hair by Abi Rose

1) It has to LAST

Most of us know that after a whole day at work, our makeup is going to look less than perfect when we get home. Busy women sweat after all! But the benefit to hiring a professional is that they know the tips and tricks to keeping your face and 'do' looking flawless all day; how to apply and set makeup properly goes a long way in maintaining its longevity. Plus, they can tell you what to do if you do get a bit sweaty on the dance floor later on (dab, don't rub!) to preserve it into the evening.

2) One less thing to worry about..

How annoying is it when you've spent ages in front of the mirror only to find that your eyebrows don't match? Or one winged eyeliner is flying off at a totally different angle to the other? It's super stressful on the morning of your wedding when you know you have a time limit to get ready and something doesn't go right with your makeup. Some brides get very nervous too, so a mascara-poking-in-the-eye situation is highly likely if those hands are shaky!

If you've booked a makeup artist and/or hair stylist, you've had a trial and you both know exactly what the plans for your look, so you can sit back, relax and let someone else make you look beautiful - all whilst enjoying a glass (or 2) of prosecco and chatting to your bridesmaids. Bliss!

3) The photos..

You will no doubt have hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs taken of you during the day. Every day makeup is very different to bridal makeup, which not only has to last but has to look good in all lighting situations - you do not want a dodgy foundation match or white flashback panda eyes from the wrong concealer in your photos! And do you really know what the back of your head looks like if you've done that undo yourself? Professionals know what to use to avoid any makeup related photo dilemmas, so you can know you will love and look fab in all of your photos!

4) You deserve it!

If you can't be pampered on your wedding day, when can you?! You have worked long and hard for this special day, it's time for an hour of dedicated YOU time on the morning of your wedding to feel relaxed, spoilt and gorgeous!

To book an Abi Rose makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding, please get in touch via abi@abirose.co.uk or on 07747470277.